Finishing Touches

I had a great time putting frames on my images! These pictures are ones that I took for my newborn and youth photography project for another class. I prefer the crisp and clean look of the frames. I didn’t want too much going with the frames to distract from the cuteness! Enjoy!


T-Shirt Design

This is definitely a rough draft! My original idea was to have a silhouette of the little girl catching the rose petals but it wasn’t looking right. I’m not sure about it but its up for critique.  I need some better ideas guys!! I took photographs of all three objects in the design, the girl, the rose, and the petals. Tried putting some filters on it to make it a little more artsy.Let me know what you guys think!

Link to critique: Falling_Rose_Drops

Composite Project

I decided to work on a birth announcement for this week’s project. I got the idea from completing lesson 10 in the CIB book. I had fun putting the pictures together. I tried to make it as girlie as I could. I’m going to attempt more composite designs to challenge myself.

Here’s a couple of versions:

Announcement no filters


Web Design

Fun With Brushes ~ Week 9

I had fun with this week’s projects. I fell in love with the mixer brush tool! I can see myself creating lots more fun paintings from photographs. I struggled a little bit drawing my signature with the pencil tool. But after about 100 plus tries, I settled for what you see the the painting. I can only do so well with a mouse! I’m sure a few more hundred times, I’ll get a more natural looking signature! The custom brushes were fun too. I would have picked a picture of myself and my new baby, but the only ones I have so far are of me in the hospital, and trust me, I look like I’ve been in the hospital for a week! Yikes! So I chose a photo with my husband Matt and Brielle. Enjoy! I’m excited to see what everyone else created this week!

Mixer Brush Project ~ Custom Signature Brush (above) with Original (below).


Rubber Ducky ~ Custom Brush from Picture


Daddy and Baby Brielle ~ Custom Brush From Photograph

Week 7 Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photos

Well, I have to say this has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I gave birth to my second daughter on Monday the 21st. I though I was going to have her over spring break, but she didn’t come. I had a c-section surgery Monday morning and came home from the hospital on Friday. So my apologies for not getting this up sooner! Baby and I are doing great and ready to take on the world! I’m sure she’ll inspire a lot of projects from here on out!

This was a fun project for me! I took a few of my parents’ rapidly aging wedding photos and cleaned them up a bit. My mom was most impressed and we are getting stuff together to help save more of their wedding photos. So I was very grateful for this lesson for the work flow techniques and the learning the tools. I used the color balance with every image. Some I had to sharpen. The bridesmaid picture was a challenge to correct the color so I ended up taking the saturation down to almost nothing. I liked it but I’ll need to play with it a lot more to see if I can get the colors corrected.

There are three images with their “before” counterparts. Enjoy!

Wedding Couple (Before)

Wedding Couple (After Editing)



The Bride (Before)


The Bride (After Editing)



Bridesmaid (Before)


Bridesmaid (after editing)



Typographic Design ~ Week 6

This was a great project as it was also very time consuming. I went digging for tutorials so that I could get the look and designs I wanted.  Below are the final images, web tutorials, and images used. I combined the two tutorials in the first image and used a tutorial combo with the paths we used in the lesson for the second image. I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately so that is where my original idea and/or inspiration came from! Enjoy and  thanks!

Stock Images used in Composition: